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Looking for White Fillings in Mt Gravatt East?

Explore Q Dental Mt Gravatt’s Restorative Options

White Fillings Mt Gravatt EastGone are the days of using silver fillings to repair the damage caused by tooth decay. Our Mt Gravatt East family dentist uses white materials that blend in with your smile, giving you comfort and confidence when it comes to treating cavities.

White fillings use custom-matched composite that closely mimics the colour of your tooth enamel. They also bond with the anatomical structure, making it possible to place them in areas where a conventional filling cannot…including your front teeth.

Bonding Options for Chipped Teeth

If you have a tooth at the front of your smile that’s chipped, worn down or has a similar cosmetic challenge, white filling materials are ideal for bonding over the area to restore its appearance. The composite is gently shaped over the enamel and cured in place, providing fast aesthetic results without any type of invasive treatments.

Are white fillings the best solution for your cavity or broken tooth? Contact us today to schedule a visit and find out if our minimally-invasive restorations are right for you.


White Fillings – Q Dental Mt Gravatt