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Dental Checkup in Mt Gravatt East

young mother and childWhen you visit our Mt Gravatt East family dentists twice each year, it allows us to monitor any changes that have taken place since your last checkup. Early detection or diagnosis of decay and gum disease means that we’re able to provide less-invasive and affordable options for treating them.

What Happens During Your Checkup?

  • The dentist will clean and polish your teeth, removing calcified build-up above and just along the gumlines. If gum disease is present, a deep-cleaning may be recommended.
  • Dental X-rays may be taken as necessary (about once per year) to screen for decay or infections that aren’t visible during your exam.
  • Our dentist will screen for signs of oral cancer —  so that lesions can be biopsied for earlier, more effective treatment.
  • Additional preventative therapies such as fluoride or sealants will be recommended, as necessary.

Plan to reserve approximately 45 minutes of your time for your checkup appointment. 

Maintaining a Healthy Smile Between Visits

Even with the best dental care, it’s essential to maintain an effective oral hygiene at home. This prevents excess tartar from building up, leading to the development of gum disease or tooth loss.

Start by brushing your teeth twice a day. Use a soft toothbrush and gently clean along the gumlines, focusing on only a couple of teeth at a time. Brush for at least two minutes per session.

Floss your teeth daily. Use traditional floss, a curved floss pick or a water flosser to clean between the teeth where a toothbrush cannot reach. These areas are especially prone to developing cavities and gum disease.

Keep your breath fresh by cleaning your tongue. Brush your tongue from back to front, to remove food debris that collects after meals. Most major dental problems are preventable; to keep your smile healthy for life, be sure to visit us every six months. Book your next checkup today.

Visiting us Will Keep You Smiling

Q Dental Mt Gravatt welcomes new patients. Let us keep you smiling with affordable and modern dental care. Convenient hours and easy parking. Payment plans available. Schedule your appointment today!


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