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Explore a Mt Gravatt East Snap-On Smile®

Snap-on SmileAre you searching for a budget-friendly solution for your smile makeover? Our Mt Gravatt East family dentist is proud to offer Snap-On Smile, an affordable option for our patients who want instantly beautiful looking teeth at a great price.

What is Snap-On Smile®?

These removable acrylic appliances snap right over your natural teeth, instantly changing the way they look. Snap-On Smile is ideal for patients who need a fast fix or who have to delay more permanent cosmetic treatments for other reasons.

The fit and design of a Snap-On Smile® is thin and durable enough for you to eat and drink with it in place, never finding yourself in an embarrassing situation on a night out with friends.

Is Snap-On Smile® Right for You?

You may want to consider this cosmetic dental appliance if you need to

  • Affordably address major cosmetic concerns
  • Hide the appearance of crooked, stained or missing teeth
  • Find an option to wear when undergoing other phases of dental treatment

Because Snap-On Smile® can fit over your existing teeth and dental work, it provides an excellent provisional option as you heal or complete other restorative needs.

What Should You Expect?

Getting a Snap-On Smile® is extremely easy. Because no true dental work is involved, it’s comfortable as well. Simply book a visit for us to take an impression of your teeth. In about three weeks, your new “smile” will be ready to try in. You can start wearing it right away, making it appear as if you have brand new, gorgeous teeth.

It’s important to note that this removable prosthesis won’t replace the need for treating decaying or infected teeth.

Q Dental Mt Gravatt Same Day Makeovers

Talk to us to find out how a Snap-On Smile® can make your dream smile a reality. Book your consultation today.


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