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Q Dental Mt Gravatt Offers Glass Ionomer Fillings

Glass IonomerGlass ionomer cement (GIC) is one type of filling that our Mt Gravatt East family practice offers. Microscopically, the material is made up of tiny glass particles that harden and bond directly to your tooth structure. This characteristic allows us to remove your cavity and maximize the integrity of your remaining healthy enamel.

Strengthen Your Tooth After Treatment

As glass ionomer fillings cure in place, they slowly release fluoride into the structures around them. This process limits the recurrence of new decay around the filling, while also strengthening the tooth.

These types of fillings are best for teeth further back in the mouth, as they’re not quite as aesthetically pleasing as traditional white fillings. However, they are gentle on teeth and gums, making them ideal for larger cavities between teeth or along the gumlines.

Like white fillings, GIC comes in a variety of colours so that we can best select the shade that closely matches your tooth.

Tooth Coloured Dental Restorations

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Glass Ionomer Fillings- Q Dental Mt Gravatt